I Get It Windows, Something Is Locking the File, But What Exactly?

My development environment  consists of several processes running together simulating various server and client applications.  Add a couple of open command prompts to the mix  and  the message:

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

appears every once in a while.

Windows wouldn’t tell which process is holding your file hostage.  That’s for it to know and you to find out.

In this post I introduce two tools that will help you interrogate the OS for  the  information:

Process Explorer

a free utility from Microsoft.   No installation required,  download it extract it from the zip archive and run.

Click Find  or enter Ctrl-F


In the find dialog, you can enter the name of the locked file.  After clicking search,  you can have the name and PID of the offending process.



This  freeware windows explorer extension that will  not only find the locking process, it will also let you kill that locking process or force unlocking the file.

You can download the file from lockhunter.com.  Once Installed you can right-click on a file from windows explorer and select What is locking this file? Or What is locking this folder?



I like guessing games as much as  the next person,  I just don’t want them in the middle a  busy work day.

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